MK.Ultra Salon,  our unique exhibition of art & design merchandise, providing an eclectic catalog through well established relationships with partner companies. King’s Ransom a newly formed print partnership, has put together both a 54-page full-color image-wrapped special publication & a host of hand-made print works through collaborations with AntiAnti ( & A Co. of WLVS ( +

Anti Anti has initiated with print supplements as well as various aesthetic collaborative groundwork to help facilitate future studies. As a result, a visual dialogue to the esoteric, design & music communities has surfaced, yielding hundreds of new artworks — to-be-released through various art & media channels. Collections from Paschal Beverly Randolph, Nikola Tesla, Malidoma Patrice Some & Marshall McLuhan.

This publication is based on a visual translation of value, prefacing our first installment. Doing so, we have commissioned a host of the worlds most cutting edge artist & designers, to name a few: Ivan Venkov - Art & Design Consultant (from Slovakia), Julien Simshäuser - Junior Designer at Hi-Res (London), (French) Digital Artist David Delin, Fashion Editorial Designer Anette Sandberg (from Sweden), (American) Artist David Son, Zuo Wenwen - Artist & Designer (based in Phnom Penh), El Denz - Photographer & Producer (from London), Lukáš Brezák - Artist & Designer (Brno based), (Japanese) Writer & Artist Cathy Chen, Michael Ostermann - Designer & Programmer (in Vienna), Illustrator & Graphic Designer Diego L. Rodríguez (based in Spain), Giga Kobidze - Digital Artist & Illustrator (from Tbilisi) & Nastplas - Creative Duo, Illustrator Fran R. Learte & Creative Director Natalia Molinos (based in Madrid).

There is so much content created for AntiAnti, we had to create another channel for the excess influx of art & we are doing so through A Co. of WLVS — an ideal experience of art & design. Wolf symbology explored through 8x8 inch print pack[s] & occasionally we offer special material.

This is here to provide substance in a community that exists in a void. We are currently sharing content through our minimalist corporate site & a much larger experience on — the former will inevitably become an investor (pr, marketing, sponsors, credits etc.) portal while in depth art dialogue will continuously develop on the latter. Praxis through what we preach, in propria persona as a pious think-tank.

The host of identity works, designs, productions, project management and curating/aggregating of content is primarily handled by Sustain Branding, the constant communication with artists & brands + the reach created through our extensions. We are a design studio & initiative wrapped in one. Each partner will become a reoccurring name listed in future projects, while we continue to extend the co+lab etiquette. Our organic philosophy expresses exposure through growth — building our entire portfolio through practical experience before officially surfacing in the public. Sustain is currently searching for partners with experience (in early round vc, tech development & education), also artists, models, writers, musicians, scientists, engineers, inventors all with a dedicated passion for sustainability, the arts, fashion & design to help this idea to be born into reality.

All serious inquiries email